I'm a Creative Director with over twenty years of experience in the entertainment and marketing industries. Specialized in developing marketing strategies and creative management, with vast expertise in client services and recruitment in creative roles.

I have worked in diverse environments, from Hollywood studios and advertising agencies to pharmaceutical and financial institutions. As someone who has worked with larger corporations, I want to offer my services to start-ups and small enterprises as a way to guide them as much as I can through the path to success.

Founder and president of Pixelem LLC, a company I created after witnessing and following the rapid changes in technology, marketing and creative trends. I believe the Internet is and will be changing for years. It is this understanding that helps me create current, easy to understand and self-managing programs for my clients. I can develop unique online and offline strategies to help you attract your target audience and produce leads without losing your head. I can assist you on anything from web development, corporate identity and branding, to full account and project management.

Self-reliable as a freelance creative, working on a freelance basis since 2008. Some of my clients include Universal Pictures, and Fox, overseeing large design campaigns for low, mid and high-budget films. However, regardless of the size of your company, I can deliver the same level of professionalism, dedication and measurable results.

For me, it has always been about service. Whatever the project, small or large, service is paramount.

Specialties: web design, web development, web marketing, advertising, design, branding, online/offline strategy.

And I LOVE to shot photos as well!